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Horrorscape (Horrorscape, #2)
Nenia Campbell
Unbeautifully - Madeline Sheehan Madeline Sheehan is a mad genius, love everything she writes.

I did enjoy this book a whole lot but I had few things which kind of grated my cheese:

I sort of wished the Deuce & Eva drama had been left in book 1, and Ripper and Dany have their own story. you knew they were going to eventually get over what Frankie did to them, I didnt like revisiting that horrible situation.

Mama Vi, perhaps she never seemed too scary because I immediately pictured her as Foxy Cleopatra from Goldmember (Beyonce), but she had nothing on Frankie as a villain. Her revenge plot was flawed to say the elast! And something at the very end, which Deuce allowed his boys to do, even though he didn't like it, really did not sit well with me! did he let them rape her? Maybe its a double standard that I found it hilarious (& highlight worthy) when Deuce described what he wanted to do to her, (with a bat!) but wish he'd told them No it wasn't happening!

Dany didn't seem to have much ambition for herself, happy to be bare foot and pregnant. That's so not me! I was so relieved when Tegan came in and told them all what silly b*tches they are! I think Im gonna like their book!!!