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Come Alive - Karina Halle All the Stars!

Another absolutely amazeballs Experiment In Terror book. Could I love Dex & Perry any more? Yes, it would appear the answer is always F*ck Aye!

Some Highlights:
Dex as the proud, over excited boyfriend was heart melting,

Perry coming in to her own and pwning b*tch face Jen, I did a little happy dance, take that Jessica Alba Skankhoe!

New Orleans- loved the voodoo vibe, and it definitely achieved required creepfactor.

Dex getting some answers about Max, and then a billion other unanswered questions that almost made me have a breakdown!

oh and how could I forget... the phrase 'tool in hand like a vag mechanic'! God Dex, you have a way with words.

The ending left me so ready for Ashes to Ashes, I need more because I love these books like a fat kid loves cake, or tootsie rolls (whatever they are). Would love to see some of these scenes from Perrys POV (The first date, the drama, even the airplane scene) so if Karina Halle feels like being even more spectacularly awesome than she already is, that'd be great lol